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with Comstor and gain access
to our Core Services.


your Cisco practice, transform
your business potential and
enhance your business’s
visibility with Cisco.


your capabilities with Cisco
architectures to offer your
customers more.


your reach into new markets
and with new consumption models.

to the EDGE.

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At Comstor our aim is to be your Cisco Distribution Partner of choice

Our difference is the passion we have for technology, our product expertise and can-do attitude towards our partners. We work to provide the knowledge, skills, expertise, support, marketing, innovative programs and logistical services to grow your Cisco business.

Comstor presents EDGE

Whilst Cisco is continuously expanding the solutions portfolio, it is becoming
more difficult for resellers to always be up to date. Comstor has launched the EDGE
initiative to assist resellers in leveraging Cisco’s strong growth, independent of whether
they are new to Cisco or an already existing Cisco partner, looking for developing
in new business areas.

With EDGE we help you to Engage and Onboard with Cisco, Develop your Cisco
business, Grow your business through additional architectures, marketing and services,
and Extend your business with new consumption models or geographies.

The EDGE framework is built up with proven programmes that help partners Engage, Develop, Grow and Extend their Cisco business and increase their profitability.
We support all partners, complementing their current skill set and empowering them
to grasp every opportunity: We are an extension of their business and in that way
we are building partner loyalty to Comstor and most of all for Cisco. 

EDGE seamlessly integrates with Cisco’s Partner Plus, to make sure our joint customers
will fully benefit from the many opportunities both programmes will bring to them, and brings accelerated commercial growth for Cisco. 




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