With Comstor, you get more.

At Comstor our aim is to be your Cisco Distribution Partner of choice.

Our difference is the passion we have for technology, our product expertise and can-do attitude towards our partners. We work to provide the knowledge, skills, expertise, support, marketing, innovation and logistical expertise to grow your Cisco business.

We can help make you more successful

  • Our Global award-winning EDGE partner program helps you to accelerate your Cisco business and increase your profitability
  • Our operational experience gives you the opportunity to expand into new business models, architectures and/or new geographic markets with our global reach
  • We support you independent of your Cisco knowledge, complementing your current skill set and empower you to grasp every opportunity - we are an extension of your business

Whilst Cisco is continuously expanding their solutions portfolio, it is becoming more difficult to always be up to date. We have launched our EDGE initiative that will assist you in leveraging Cisco's strong growth, independent of whether you are new to Cisco or an already existing Cisco partner, looking to develop in new business areas.




with Comstor and gain access to our core services

  • You will receive a welcome introduction by the Comstor team, where you will have access to online tools, services, products, promotions and programs.
  • You’ll have the option to take up a personalised credit limit facility or we can discuss financing options with Cisco or our Westcon capital services as back up for your projects.
  • Our unique range of non-competitive technical services enhances and extends your ability to deploy solutions. All our technical teams have specialists that are Cisco-certified to fully understand the function, capabilities, performance and implementation of Cisco-focused solutions. We are your white-labeled tech team.




your Cisco practice, transform your business potential and enhance your business's visibility with Cisco.

  • Technical updates and boot camps around Cisco technologies.
  • Demo support, leveraging Cisco’s remote lab dCloud, as well as Comstor’s demo equipment on premise to set up a proof-of-concept environment.
  • Training needs analysis to define your journey. Attaining and maintaining accreditations and specialisations will ensure your profitability.
  • Marketing support to assist.






your capabilities with Cisco architectures to offer your customers more

  • Let us guide you to develop a Cisco architectural-based business by participating in our architectural programs: Collaboration Club, Leap into Datacentre and Comstor Security Initiative.
  • We offer a range of services that will allow you to build effective marketing campaigns and execute successful lead generation that will boost your sales pipeline.




your reach into new markets and with new consumption models

  • If you are looking to expand your business into new geographic markets, we have the experience in multi-national roll-outs.
  • Provide you with Cross-architecture solutions, using upgrade, upsell and cross-sell activities to get the most out of your customers’ existing networks and help them to make it ready for future technologies.




About Comstor
Comstor is the Cisco-centered business unit of Westcon-Comstor, shipping to customers on six continents. The business distributes the full line of Cisco security, collaboration, networking and data center solutions.

It is about complementing the skills you already have – supporting you in the areas you need, mentoring you and
your team to succeed and empowering you to grasp every opportunity and embrace every challenge.
Distribution is just the beginning.

This is Comstor.
This is your EDGE.


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