your Cisco practice, transform your business potential and enhance your business’s visibility with Cisco.

+ Technical updates and workshops

Relevant knowledge will increase selling ability. We provide you with the most up-to-date technical information
and training on Cisco technology and affinity vendors, completing the Cisco solution.

+ Demo equipment and support

We can support you to set up a testing or proof-of-concept (POC) environment in three ways:

  • Leveraging Cisco’s remote lab dCloud
  • Comstor’s demo equipment in our locations
  • On premise through Rent-a-Lab

+ Certification Support

Training-need analysis to help you define your journey. Attaining and maintaining Cisco accreditations will
ensure your profitability.

+ Invitation to Comstor Certification Boot Camps and Certification Support

Attaining and maintaining Cisco accreditations will ensure your profitability. Ensure you gain Select Accreditation for access to deal registrations, NFR and more sales benefits with Cisco.

+ Pricing and Promotional Advantage

Competitive pricing as standard to ensure the best price first time every time as well as helping you capture more margin with promotional discounts and offers.

+ Marketing execution and Lead generation

Get access to the best marketing resources. We can help to build effective marketing campaigns and execute successful lead generation that will boost your sales pipeline with sales qualified leads and report Return-on-Investment.


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